And if you’re curious what Tony and Bruce are up to…

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all i want to know is that character’s height and birthday and exact age and shoe size and favorite shape and favorite color and how they like their pizza and what they would do if the power went out and what songs they would sing in the shower and their deepest fears and every event that happened in the course of their life

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For a few short minutes, everything was heat and light and power.

She liked it.

Color prompt fill for novacorps. First of four separate requests for Pepper.

High res is here.

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"Director: ‘I take full responsibility for this situation.’"

Then the article continues to outline how that director said the finance manager who got fired was completely to blame.

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 Remy LeBeau // Gambit
Hasn’t been your night, eh, chère? Or maybe it has— considering how often I am here to rescue you.

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night night~(^▽^) | By: 波溪史萊姆 [pixiv]


night night~(^▽^) | By: 波溪史萊姆 [pixiv] 

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…maybe what we need now is a ‘little guy’.

…maybe what we need now is a ‘little guy’.

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uh oh. big uh oh.


uh oh. big uh oh.

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